Service Projects

Rotary Volunteer  - 2017

Feeding America Partner Program w/ Walmart

1st Wednesday of the month, and 5th Wednesday on those months with 5 weeks. 

11:30 am pick up at Walmart.  Things you’ll need:  the clip on badge with Feeding America Partner Agency card required for tracking purposes, Feeding America record of shipment form, and thermal blanket. 

Walmart associates will pull the food for you.  You load the boxes and deliver to Five Loaves where volunteers are waiting to weigh and stock the food.  Five Loaves Food Shelf location:  144 W 3rd St.  From start to finish the process takes about 60 minutes or less.  Quantity varies from week to week but 1 pick up bed or 2 cars is the standard amount to be hauled.

Five Loaves Food Pantry has such a need for this donated food.  Thank you for helping keep the shelves stocked for local families in need.

Wednesday, January 4  -  Tyson Lybeck  


Wednesday, February 1  -  Brian Schroeder, Heather McAbee

Wednesday, March 1  -  Jim Brockpahler,  Tyson Lybeck


Wednesday, March 29  -  Heidi Herron, Mike Giese


Wednesday, April 5   -  Melanie Rowe, Julie Dodge

Wednesday, May 3  -  Ron Siler, Todd Solberg


Wednesday, May 31  - Dan Heffron,  Al Kiecker

Wednesday, June 7  -  Sue Johnson,  Jo Wrich

Wednesday, July 5  -  Jean Needham


Wednesday, August 2   -  Kent Elkin, Brian Schroeder


Wednesday, August 30   -  Julie Dodge, Ron Siler

Wednesday, September 6  -  Jo Wrich, Heather McAbee

Wednesday, October 4  -  Kent Elkin, Heather McAbee

Wednesday, November 1  - Jessica Keopple, Kent Elkin


Wednesday, November 29  -  Heidi Herron,


Wednesday, December 6     - Kent Elkin,